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Solution:SEM (Low funnel keywords, DSA) for both sales, service and part, digital advertising for in-market buyers & remarketing, VIN targeting.
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Form Submission Increase
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Phone Call Increase
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Total Conversion Increase
This Jaguar Land Rover store wants to increase their sales in its area.
Their online traffic have a high bounce rate and lower conversion rate with previous digital vendor. They want to have better quality visits, better conversion rate.
They also want to increase their services and parts traffic
Form submissions and phone calls have increased.
Better quality traffic (lower bounce rate, higher avg. session duration) for their SEM campaigns.
The bounce rate of their paid search improve from 41% to 25%
Their new VDP views have increased by 45+%.
We helped them reach their new car sales goal and reach No. 1 sales goal in their area.
AI-Driven Campaign Optimization
Paid Search Marketing Results

By focusing on the dealership’s brand, their OEM brand and geotargeted campaigns, they were able to drive more ROI with less budget.

More conversions
More get offer submissions
Better Quality
Lower bounce rate
Higher session duration
Land Rover paid traffic comaprison
Got more sessions and call clicks after working with us on March.

Store GM highly recommended NTDdigital to the other Jaguar Land Rover in their dealer group.

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