CTV and OTT advertising combines the power and reach of traditional television with the precision and data analytics offered by digital.
connected TV digital marketing

CTV and OTT Advertising

CTV and OTT allow advertisers to target potential customers both demographically as well as by audience segments that leverage big data and behavioral targeting delivered through rich media content that often compliments the programs they are shown with.

CTV and OTT Advertising

CTV and OTT ads reach audiences when they are most receptive, during programs they chose to watch, thus enjoy 90%+ completion rates.

several people in a household can view one ad at the same time
They also amplify the reach of your ad, since several people in a household can view one ad at the same time.
Why Choose NTDdigital
With over 20 years of broadcast production and multimedia experience, along with digital campaign development and management, NTD digital has both rich media and digital expertise needed to make the most of CTV and OTT advertising, that few other agencies can match.
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