With our acclaimed VIN Intelligent Technology, we create campaigns that market inactive VINS on your lot directly to local buyers searching for those exact models.

of car shoppers use digital to do vehicle research. Car buyers go on the internet when they are ready to purchase a car.

VIN Targeting / Inventory Ads

  • More views on your VDP pages means more cars sold on your lot.

  • We deliver in-market car buyers straight to your VDP pages through VIN specific ads that display real-time inventory.

  • Increase sales velocity of your new, pre-owned and certified vehicles with our VIN Responsive Targeting for Display and Social Media.

In-Market Buyer Segmentation

  • Target car shoppers that will likely make a car purchase within 30-90 days.

  • Increase the effectiveness of your ad dollars by matching car buyers with vehicles and offers that fit what they are searching for.

  • Advanced targeting includes geographic area, income, age, and more.

Stacy’s car-buying journey included over 900 digital touchpoints in a 3-month period:

139 Google Searches

14 Youtube Videos

89 Images

69 Dealer Interactions

186 Manufacturer Interactions

At NTD digital we deal in real-time data, giving you direct insight into the actions car buyers are taking on your website.

We provide detailed monthly reports on:

  • VINs that buyers are most interested in on your website

  • VINs that are performing poorly against similar inventory online

  • The exact VDP views for each model

  • Low performing VDPs

This allows you to see the results of your ad spending and re-adjust strategy based on actual performance

  • Target low performing VINs to in-market car buyers

  • Retarget low-funnel buyers with their viewed VINs

  • Lower cost per VDP view