Top Ad Copy Writing Tips That Attract More Customers

Top Ad Copy Writing Tips That Attract More Customers

Top Ad Copy Writing Tips That Attract More Customers

by Chun Lee in Marketing Strategies

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Top Ad Copy Writing Tips That Attract More Customers

Great copy is the lens through which your customers view your business. It can help you stand out from the clutter, build your brand image, and establish a healthy rapport with your customers.

Creating fantastic copy is not easy. However, the ad copywriting secrets below will help you create memorable copy that will sell your products.

Understand your customers’ perspective.

The way to your potential customer’s heart is first to understand their persona. Relevant Ad copywriting should address their wants and needs. It should highlight why they should choose your product or services to address these needs.

Data analysis can help you create a buyer persona. Go to your database and mine nuggets about your customer’s demographics, goals, behavior patterns, gender, interests, or location.

However, to create great ad copy, you must understand the audience’s perspective and cleverly use that knowledge to your advantage.

Volkswagen is a good example of a brand that grasped its potential customers’ points of view and then flipped them to make sales. In 1959, when VW released the “Think Small” campaign, now dubbed one of the most significant ad campaigns of the century, most Americans loved muscle cars.

But the VW ad agency sold the odd-looking tiny car to the American market by flipping the ‘think big’ perspective of the day. They used a minimalist monotone design and a simple slogan to hype the smaller vehicles’ benefits, like cheaper insurance and lower maintenance and gas costs.

Study your customers and use your copy to supplant their biases. Directly address their objections or perceptions by reiterating your product’s benefits and features.

Use your customer’s language.

Find highly converting headlines from your client reviews. For example: 'Experience Top-Notch Service at Unbeatable Prices!' or 'Why Our Customers Love Us: Exceptional Service & Great Prices!' and more.

Find highly converting headlines from your client reviews. For example: ‘Why Our Customers Love Us: Exceptional Service & Great Prices!’ 

Creating ad copy in your potential customer’s language can help you get in their mind, faster. How do you do that?

First, learn your customer’s language. The reviews or testimonials section can help you speak in the audience’s language. To illustrate this point, when Beachway, a therapy center, needed a highly converting landing page, its copywriter turned to reviews.

They went through reader testimonials of books that address addiction to grasp their target audience’s language. One insightful review produced the headline, “If You Think You Need Rehab, You Do.” (Source)

The highly converting headline was a great success as it represented their audiences’ mental state. Cleverly using customer testimonials and reviews in your copy will make you believable and trustworthy.

Make them curious

The best ad copy is magnetic. Moz’s older ad copy header, “There’s a smarter way to do SEO,” for instance, built curiosity and FoMo amongst their target market. It implied that Moz knew more about the SEO needs than they did.

So, the audience took advantage of the “Try Moz Pro free” CTA button on the page to learn how to perfect their SEO strategy. Curiosity can sell your value proposition faster than a clever-sounding copy.

Another way to create curiosity and grab your audience’s attention is to incorporate a subtle cliffhanger in your copy. You can also use the “less is more” principle to withhold some information and direct your target audience further down the sales funnel.

Unlock the power of persuasive copy to drive product sales using the Ad copywriting tips above. Use them to connect with your customers by understanding their perspective, speaking their language, and creating curiosity. Then, seek a professional Ad copywriting agency to supercharge your marketing strategy.

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