3 Email Marketing Strategies That Will Drive More Sales in 2024

3 Email Marketing Strategies That Will Drive More Sales in 2024

3 Email Marketing Strategies That Will Drive More Sales in 2024

by Chun Lee in Marketing Strategies

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3 Email Marketing Strategies That Will Drive More Sales in 2024

Email marketing strategies that drive more sales

Engaging, interactive emails

Engaging in emails can increase interaction between your buyers and your brand. Features that will make your emails sizzle include storytelling, the use of user-generated content, interactive product images, animated CTAs and buttons, and user surveys and polls.

Last but not least, 33% of people open emails solely based on the subject line, so use headers that best resonate with your audience.

Hyper-personalized emails

It is 2024, and email marketing platforms have moved beyond the ‘batch and blast’ strategy towards a data-driven strategy. Leverage data to personalize your emails by first mining insights that reveal your potential customer’s likes and dislikes.

Arc leverages simple, user-focused conversational tones and shareable content to engage its users. For instance, it thanks new users for actively getting involved in shaping the browser’s new features and asks them for their opinions on feature designs.

By doing so, they have built an organic product design team that recommends the product to their peers as Arc co-creators. They also blend in narratives of togetherness, making their users feel seen, heard, and crucial to the brand’s success.

If you send impersonalized emails, 68% of your audience will delete them, while 54% will unsubscribe. Then, 45% will categorize them as spam or junk. So, tailor your emails to your audience and recommend products as per audience segment or visitor behavior.

A mobile-first strategy

At least 88% of your email messages will open on a mobile device. So, if your campaign is not looking great on mobile, you are going to miss out on potential business. The reason is that 75% of your potential customers will delete your message if it does not look appealing on their mobile screen.

First, keep your text concise and clear to create compelling mobile-first emails. Your subject line has only 30 characters to capture your audience’s attention, so use it wisely.

Then, some phones do not load images by default, so do not over rely on images in your email design. Lastly, place good-sized CTAs on the middle screen so that fingers can easily tap them on the go. Avoid complex forms, link clusters, and improper use of white space for appeal.

Email marketing is an effective email strategy that sparks conversations, builds loyalty, and positively impacts sales. Master these 3 trends above with the assistance of a professional email marketing agency and increase your market share.

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