Benefits of Using UGC Creators in Online Marketing

Benefits of Using UGC Creators in Online Marketing

Benefits of Using UGC Creators in Online Marketing

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Benefits of Using UGC Creators in Online Marketing

Every ardent Tiktoker has come across the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag. It is so viral that it has over 40.8 billion views. The hashtag is a collection of user-generated content (UGC) from content creators worldwide.

Brand loyalists or UGC creators post their favorite finds under the hashtag, enhancing brand awareness and product discovery. Their efforts can supercharge sales. So, a UGC creator is a person that generates brand or product content.

UGC creators vs. influencers

What’s the difference between and influencer and a UGC creator then? Influencers generate UGC and post it on their social media pages for pay. In contrast, UGC creators are normally only required to create the content, rather than engaging the influencer’s following or sharing it directly on the influencer’s social media platforms. Brands then post this organic content on their profiles as a marketing tactic. This can be less expensive as it only requires the UGC creator to create the content, so you don’t pay for the additional reach of the influencer’s following.

Three benefits of using UGC creators in online marketing

Below are three main benefits of reaching out to UGC creators as a content marketing strategy.

Enhances brand authenticity

Traveling salesmen may have wooed their customers with nothing but honeyed words, but times have changed. “Be authentic,” says Joe Pulizzi. That phrase, he says, is the soul of content marketing. Joe, a prolific content marketer, is the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) founder.

Modern shoppers are averse to snake oil salesman tactics and mock authenticity. Instead, they love user-generated content. It is candid and relatable.

So, UGC creators can inject high authenticity and originality into your online marketing strategy. Their content is like a genuine online review and has a 9.8x higher positive impact on purchase decisions than influencer content.

Then, UGC creators do not beg shoppers to make purchases. Rather they showcase their favorite finds, functioning as online matchmakers between brands and a curated audience. To illustrate the value of UGC creators, “TikTok leggings” were the number one selling clothing item on Amazon in 2021.

Increase brand reach

Millennials are the largest living generation. They make up 35% of the US’s full-time employees. By 2025, they will comprise 75% of the global workforce. Then, Gen Z will constitute 27% of the workforce in the next two years.

This population segment spends more time online than any other generation. They are digital natives and make 54% of their purchases via digital platforms.

Consequently, you can reach a segment more at home with the online than offline world via UGC creators. On top of that, 79% of shoppers use UGC videos or photos when making purchase decisions.


The beauty of the UGC creator trend is that while influencer content goes for an average of $100 for every 10,000 followers, anyone can create UGC content.

As an illustration, the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag has many videos or images from shoppers, brands, and influencers. You will find product videos of just about any product, ranging from slime to feta cheese.

So, you too, can approach UGC creators for affordable content, then publish it on your social media profile. Of course, user-created content is raw and less polished than influencer content, but that flaw preserves its genuineness.

The final word

A well-thought-out UGC marketing campaign will increase your social media profile’s content viewership. In addition, it will enhance conversion and could make your products “Internet Famous .”So, jump into the trend with organic UGC creator product demos, reviews, blog posts, or behind-the-scenes reels and increase your brand awareness.      

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