Top 5 Restaurant Advertising Ideas For 2023

Restaurant Advertising Ideas For 2023

Top 5 Restaurant Advertising Ideas For 2023

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Restaurant Advertising Ideas For 2023

You have a new menu, and it’s time to tell the world about it! So, you quickly draft a press release for your local tv or radio station. You also order a bunch of restaurant advertising flyers and place them on car windshields in your neighborhood.

Unfortunately, your new menu is bringing in fewer sales than anticipated. So where did you go wrong? While classic restaurant advertising ideas are still valid, digital advertising is taking over.

At least 57% of diners visit websites and social media platforms before choosing a restaurant. Below are the five best digital advertising examples that will have more local diners flocking into your restaurant.

Facebook location ads

The average Facebook user spends an average of 33 minutes of their day on the network. So, use your Facebook page to outperform the competition. Facebook location ads target potential customers that are within your locality.

So, reach out to millions by displaying your tantalizing menu on their feeds. Then, use Facebook ads to target leads using metrics like location, age, sex, or interests. On top of that, Facebook’s organic reach metric will generate free restaurant advertising whenever a diner tags your restaurant in their post.


Do you know that 86% of millennials will visit a restaurant if they view its food-related content on social media? Then, 69% of millennial diners will take a video or photo of their food and share it with their social media friends.

For this reason, Instagram marketing for restaurants is a surefire way to ramp up your sales. Make your restaurant ‘Instafamous’ through custom and relevant Instagram hashtags. Explore Instagram paid ads, too, to ensure that your video and photo show up in potential diner feeds.


TikTok is a powerful short-form video platform. It is very popular amongst Generation Z and Millennials. TikTok was first synonymous with viral dance 15-second videos, but food videos are now all the rage.

Its main advantage over Instagram is its high engagement rate. For example, a TikTok reel has a 44% higher engagement rate than an Instagram reel.

So, use your TikTok to charm new customers by creating awesome behind-the-scenes videos. Alternately, debut your new menu’s culinary creations on TikTok.

Then, use location tagging features to ensure potential customers view your page during their restaurant searches. Additionally, partner with influencers and ‘borrow’ their audiences to expand your reach.

YouTube/Video Ads

You cannot go wrong with YouTube video marketing ideas for restaurants. After all, your potential customers share video content with their friends twice more as other forms of content.

Then, 85% of social media users say they want more brand videos. On top of that, videos are easy to create. Have an iPhone? Leave your diners salivating with awesome promos, restaurant tours, produce sourcing explainers, customer features, or day-in-the-life videos.

Google Business Profile optimization

One of the best restaurant advertising strategies is to place your business’s key information within your customer’s reach. So, ease the restaurant discovery and reservation process via a Google Business Profile. After all, over 86% of potential diners use Google Maps to discover restaurants.

Formerly known as “Google My Business,” this feature displays your contacts, opening hours, address, picture, and reviews data. It functions like a virtual business card, always guiding new customers to your business. In addition, you can promote your restaurant’s Google Business Profile via Google ads for more leads.

The final word

At least 77% of the US adult population has active social media accounts. So, level up your restaurant’s advertising campaign through digital restaurant advertising. Digital advertising is cost-effective, easy to roll out, and has an assured long-term ROI.

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