Benefits of Using a Digital Advertising Agency Versus In-house Digital Campaigns 

4 Benefits of Using a Digital Marketing Agency Versus an In-house Team _ NTD Digital

Benefits of Using a Digital Advertising Agency Versus In-house Digital Campaigns 

by Chun Lee in Marketing Strategies

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Rising input costs, shrinking markets, and intense pressure to sustain low prices. These are but a few of the challenges businesses with aggressive year-end targets face. However, you can hit the ground running and beat the game with the support of a reputable digital advertising agency. Below are some benefits of using a digital advertising agency versus in-house digital campaigns.

Cost efficiency

Rome was not built in a day. Hiring and onboarding an in-house advertising team may take months. Then, a digital marketing team requires, to name but a few, an SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and content expert. A graphics designer, project manager, and strategist are must-haves as well. Throw in office space, payroll, benefits, and training costs and its clear using a digital advertising agency can save you thousands. A robust digital marketing agency gives you access to a wide range of experts, time and cost-effectively.

In-depth professional skills and knowledge

Highly skilled digital marketers are as rare as specialized medical practitioners. They are first, marketers that understand the art of persuasion and influence. That is where the money is. Then, they have a firm grasp of online media honed from years of practice.

Unlike in-house teams, agencies work with diverse clientele constantly exchanging knowledge between members. So, they learn new approaches, software, and techniques quickly. Then, agencies spend massive resources to upskill their teams as a differentiator of value. The high concentration of superior knowledge flows to all team members enhancing every client’s bottom line.

In contrast, an in-house advertising team may have an in-depth grasp of your brand and product. But, without constant training on the latest digital advertising trends and technology, your in-house team could easily fall behind competitors. Consequently, some in-house teams’ skills often grow stale since their main source of knowledge is generic rather than other more highly experienced teammates.

Access to novel tools and software

Agencies run multiple tools at a time to give their clients the best expertise and experience. They also enhance their efficiency using advanced workflows and priceless proprietary tools. An in-house team, on the other hand, pays thousands of dollars per year to access these tools. However, agencies spread these costs across multiple clients as part of the day rate. So, their clients have access to high-performance tech and services at an affordable rate.

Retaining of knowledge

A significant benefit of going in-house is clear control over your brand communication. However, what happens when your expert employee walks to greener pastures? If your sole SEO or PPC expert leaves, you could lose all the golden nuggets gained over the years.

On the flip side, digital advertising agencies have multiple professionals working on your account at a time. They have rigorous continuation procedures that keep client-specific knowledge at the agency level. Then, digital marketing agencies can scale with you as your business grows. And, should you choose to part ways with your agency, you could request for handover data.

Access to fresh, honest, and objective ideas

In-house teams have a 100% focus on your brand, so they often get into a creative rut. Agencies will not only hit the ground running but always provide that fresh view that enhances brand engagement and visibility.
In the digital advertising agency versus in-house digital campaigns debate, agencies win by keeping you nimble, creative and lowering your business and overhead risks. Eliminate inefficient spending and reinvest in profitable channels by hiring a professional digital marketing agency.

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