3 Key Digital Marketing Trends In 2024 and Beyond

3 Key Digital Marketing Trends In 2024 and Beyond blog cover

3 Key Digital Marketing Trends In 2024 and Beyond

by Chun Lee in Marketing Strategies

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3 Key Digital Marketing Trends In 2024 and Beyond

‘Anaemic’ is the word the World Economic Forum specialists have used to describe the state of the global economy in 2024. They expect domestic politics and geopolitics to bring massive headwinds amidst inflationary pressures.

Marketing departments, however, can reshape their strategies by experimenting with novel techniques that enhance growth. Below are three digital marketing trends you can incorporate into your 2024 digital marketing strategy for utmost success.

Digital marketing with AI

In his Think with Google Podcast, Belgian entrepreneur Peter Hinssen refers to the current marketing environment as ‘the never normal‘. The acclaimed author posits that the marketing world will never go back to its post-pandemic status thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is an unrelenting significant driver of change that has brought about astronomical disruption and daring innovations to the marketing space. Case in point, AI is now core to Google’s Performance Max campaigns that enhance search engine optimization (SEO).

Then, marketing departments are taking on generative AI to enhance creativity. For instance, Coca-Cola’s Masterpiece is an AI-engineered campaign that bridges time and space with its live-action/artsy elements. Coupled with that, machine learning algorithms, in the right hands, can create personalized marketing campaigns at a lower cost. For instance, the ‘Not A Cadbury Ad’, has allowed small businesses to advertise with the big stars. Thanks to DALL-E 2, Cadbury, and Ogilvy India, retailers can affordably hyper-personalize this campaign into ads.

Generative AI also eases targeted visual branding and content creation for small businesses. For instance, like this Carvana AI ad, you can create hyper-personalized appreciation videos that enhance brand loyalty. Over and above that, use conversational AI to support customer service by providing quick 24/7 responses to queries. Last but not least, AI sentiment and data analysis prowess will supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Privacy-centric consent-based marketing

In Q1 of 2024, Google will block third-party cookie use for 1% of its users. It has been a long time coming, but the search engine giant finally plans to put third-party cookie use to rest before the end of the year. This change comes as 81% of US internet users voice concerns over consumer data use and privacy.

So, the protection of user trust will be a significant digital marketing trend in 2024. Consequently, it is time to drop marketing tactics that collect indiscriminate data. Embrace consent-based marketing in a cookie-less future by automating consent transactions.

Serve personalized ads to buyers who give prior consent by, for instance, clicking yes to data trackers. Then, use a GDPR-compliant tech stack. For instance, the Google Consent Mode streamlines all its platform’s user consent while optimizing data use. Finally, use first-party data and ethical AI tools to generate marketing content via nonpersonal data.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Like AI, augmented reality (AR) can deliver impressive market results at a significantly lower cost. As per Meta’s research, AR ads outperform business-as-usual ads by 90%. They also drive awareness at a 59% lower cost and provide X3 the brand lift than traditional ads. AR ads are especially critical to Gen Z marketing increasing memorability by 87%.

AR marketing, however, goes beyond QR codes and social media and is seeping into every marketing strategy. It generates interactive yet personalized content that blows traditional brand storytelling out of the water. For instance, an AR product demo can provide immersive product comprehension. Then, scanners can display a product backstory in augmented packaging.

An immersive AR environment, on the other hand, can generate a brand universe that amplifies a consumer’s emotional attachment to your brand. For instance, the IKEA Place app helps shoppers first visualize how furniture looks and fits in their spaces before purchasing.

Tap into the year’s zeitgeist and stay relevant as you build robust relationships with the market. However, consult with the professionals before jumping onto the digital marketing trends above to ensure big results.

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