7 Massive Benefits of Using Bing Ads in 2023!

7 Massive Benefits of Using Bing Ads in 2023!

7 Massive Benefits of Using Bing Ads in 2023!

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7 Massive Benefits of Using Bing Ads in 2023!


Paid search advertising using the Microsoft Search Network works well if you intend to drive more leads, visits, and purchases, and book more appointments for your small business. Why? Well, the search network extends your ad campaign to a massive 24 million unique searchers’ user base on the network — representing an astounding 207.3 million monthly desktop searches. That’s the power of running one Bing ad through Microsoft Advertising! Besides the numbers, here are some interesting ways Bing ads can benefit your search advertising strategies.

1. More opportunities to customize

Bing Ads is quite advertiser-friendly and allows marketers to customize their campaigns for different time zones, languages, devices, and other factors. However, customization is only possible within ad groups. You will have more demographic options to use while bidding on keywords.

2. Achieve exact keyword match

Google Ads did away with exact keyword matches, something advertisers didn’t appreciate. This was done to include variations and misspellings. However, Bing Ads still use exact keyword match, allowing a more targeted approach to online advertising.

3. Exposure to international audiences

The number of Windows 10/11 users in the US and UK is increasing. This has resulted in an increase in the number of Bing-powered searches. Almost 22 percent of desktop searches in Canada are Bing-powered. The numbers are increasing across Asia and Europe too.

4. Target ads to mobile devices

Do you want your ads to aim at a particular operating system or mobile device? You got to use Bing Ads as these provide more efficient mobile ad targeting than Google Ads. You will get better results if you focus on mobile device targeting.

5. Better ad integration

When you create Bing Ads, you get the opportunity to use three more search engines in the Microsoft Search Network — Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. This is an excellent way to attract a larger audience, gain more internet exposure, and generate more clicks.

6. Offers much less competition

Google Ads is quite dominant in popularity over Bing Ads. Brands and marketers tend to ignore Bing Ads completely, opening a massive opportunity for their competitors. With a perfect ad strategy, you can make the most of the lack of competition on Bing, at a lower cost.

7. Lower CPC rate 

Since the competition isn’t fierce, the number of bidders for the target keywords isn’t overwhelmingly high. This makes it easier to become the sole bidder for your keywords and leverage the lower cost-per-click rates. Thus, gaining more traction than Google Ads.

Final thoughts!

Indeed, most digital marketers focus on leveraging the Google Ad network. But, neglecting Bing Ads is a mistake that smart marketers don’t make, especially with the powerful advantages that it has to offer. As a brand, you should focus on both ad networks as doing that will help you generate better ROI. We suggest you give Bing Ads a try, given how easy it is to run, manage, and integrate. It will not be an exercise in futility. Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!  

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