Top Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Local Businesses Sales

How your local business can get more local customers cover3

Top Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Local Businesses Sales

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How your local business can get more local customers cover3

An agile local online business should turn a profit faster than a clunky multinational. But many local companies struggle to compete against these corporations.

This disparity in sales arises from the fact that multinationals do not take shots in the dark. Instead, they use their big R&D budgets to develop winning tactics. Fortunately, local businesses can gain an upper hand by leveraging the effective online marketing tactics below.

Social media marketing


You must be nimble, creative, and agile when competing with enterprise companies with lots of dedicated time and resources for SEO. Fortunately, social media marketing does not reward SEO. Instead, it is a low-cost strategy that connects businesses to local shoppers at the most suitable time.

So, how can smart social media marketing tactics open doors to more local sales? Community building, user recommendations, reviews, and local advertising will bring more eyeballs to your social media pages.

Then social media ads will target demographics within your locality at affordable costs. Targeted ads ensure that you are not firing your resources and time aimlessly. For example, let’s say you plan to make the most of Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Latte sales.

Millennials spend more cash in coffee shops than any other age group. Instagram has over 159.75 million users, and 49% are 25 to 34 years old. So, use local ads to target millennials in your vicinity. Then, ramp up your Instagram Reels activity at 2 am, 4 am, and 9 am on Tuesday when millennials are most active on the platform.

Local search


As per Google’s 2022 Retail Marketing Guide, “open now near me” searches have grown by 400%. So, more shoppers use Google to find local businesses. Oover 30% of all search queries are related to location.

So, you can capitalize on the upcoming Valentine’s Day sales via local SEO. This strategy will increase your business’s visibility in your local search results. An effective regional SEO strategy will direct “near me” or “nearby” searches that include keywords related to your company to your establishment via a Google Map Pack.

The map pack displays the usual organic search results. Consequently, it is one of local businesses’ most coveted search engine rankings. This is because 54% of Google search clicks go to the top 3 results.

Your business will rank on local search results if your website appeases Google local ranking factors. Then polish your business profile and increase its reviews.

Google Discovery Campaigns


Google Discovery ads are audience-targeting features businesses should leverage to win more local foot traffic to their stores. This feature targets potential customers whose online activity shows buying intent.

So, say there is a shopper researching the best Valentine’s gift ideas in your locality. Google Discovery ads will display your business’s details on Google pages where they perform their research. In addition, they will show on their Gmail home and feed or YouTube in-video or home page.

On YouTube, a potential shopper will view an image thumbnail with your business name, logo, and description. On Gmail, Google Discovery ads appear above the emails on the “Promotions” and “Social” tabs.

Google charges an average cost per action (CPA) on these ads. So, align your campaign, and rebalance your budget to lower your average cost per action costs.

Chatbots for marketing


Chatbots are an incredible customer support tool. Your business’s chatbot can automatically receive your messages and engage with your customers on your behalf. Chatbots are a vital local marketing strategy because 62% of your potential customers would rather engage with them than hold the line for a human agent.

Chatbots will enhance the quality of your inbound messaging process. On top of that, they will provide engagement data and tend to your customers after hours.


The best online marketing strategies for the small business above will connect you to your local target audience. They also will help you build your social media community and improve your SEO, reinforcing your brand positioning.  

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