How to Create Online Ads That Target Your Audience

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How to Create Online Ads That Target Your Audience

by Chun Lee in Marketing Strategies

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how to create online ads that target your audience blog cover 2
In the vibrant digital marketing realm, audience targeting is the art of casting a spotlight on the eyes of those who resonate with your message. Creating ads that effectively target potential buyers with but a few clicks is one of the most satisfying marketing experiences. Below are some tips to help you create better online ads that move your customers through your marketing funnel.

Build lookalike audience lists

The digital marketing environment is evolving at the speed of light. These changes are bringing massive disruptions in digital marketing strategies. For instance, changes like the iOS 14’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy have significantly hindered the collection of valuable audience-targeting data.

A paltry 25% of iOS users now allow the tracking of their activities across websites and apps. While ATT empowers iOS users to choose whether they or not they want their behavior data collected by apps or websites, it limits useful data for interest-based targeting.

So, say, for instance, a shopper spots your captivating ad on Facebook, Google Chrome, or YouTube. They click on it and successfully land on your landing page. In the past, Google Analytics would track that conversion, logging it into metrics long after the shopper had left their apps. Not so today.

So, how can you create better ads without critical user behavior data from 3 out of 4 of your shoppers? Well, use lookalike audiences in your retargeting strategies. Lookalike audiences is a strategy that targets shoppers with online behavior or interests similar to your best existing customers.

A shoe retailer, for instance, can build a custom lookalike audience list from a list of users who visited their website in a specific period. Alternatively, they can create lookalike audiences from customer lists and email subscriber lists from social media-based interest-based audiences.

Map your audience via their patterns and behavior to create better online ads with higher conversion rates. Use your lookalike audience data in content marketing to guide your video content creation or social post topics. Use it also to segment your email marketing audience and, like a skilled archer, gracefully direct your digital ads toward an already receptive audience.

Retarget using UGC and influencer content

Do you know that over 80% of shoppers regard online reviews as trustworthy as personal recommendations? So, you are wasting a valuable opportunity if you are not leveraging user-generated content (UGC) to create better digital ads.

UGC is digital word-of-mouth content more effective than any slick word phrases or images your marketing department may create. At its heart, UGC is an endorsement from fellow buyers and social proof. You can enhance ad engagement and reach by reposting customer stories or images on your channels.

Alternatively, leverage influencer marketing in your UGC creation strategy. Niche sponsored content that resonates with your lookalike audience will resonate far better than any flashy online ad. Use branded hashtag campaigns to access an evergreen UGC for your ad campaigns.

Other formidable sources of UGC are customer feedback and key shopper interviews or product use demonstrations. Use UGC in your retargeting ads to show other shoppers what they are missing out on or how your product can solve their pain points.

Create video ads

If you are not using videos to create better business digital ads, it’s time to hop onto the bandwagon. For instance, use user-generated videos and influencer content to launch your TikTok journey. Alternatively, use video ads to tell your brand story on Instagram and achieve better ROAS.

Reap high ROAS in 2024 by creating better online ads using the tips above. However, for an assured ROAS, partner with a digital advertising agency that can leverage these tactics using niche experience.

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