How to Create Compelling Digital Video Ads

How To Create Compelling Digital Video Ads | NTD Digital

How to Create Compelling Digital Video Ads

by Chun Lee in Marketing Strategies

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TikTok is experiencing the most rapid growth of all social media platforms in the US. Over 102 million US users view its video content, which will cross 107.8 million in 2024. Growing out of its Gen Z dance challenge persona, it is now an in-app shopping hub. It also offers potent branded hashtag tools and live-streaming options. TikTok’s secret sauce is its engaging short videos.

Besides TikTok, data shows that video ad spend on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Shorts will grow by 20.9% in 2024 to a staggering US$99.4 billion! Reap a high return on your video ad spend by observing the tips below.

Define your video ad objective

Besides sputtering revenue and sales, major brands like BudLight are battling controversies that have alienated customers on the digital and physical fronts. Consequently, brands that feed off buzzword-heavy videos but fail to commit to these causes for the long haul face an existential threat in the age of crude wokeness.

For this reason, defining the objectives of your video ad should be the first step in your strategy. First, establish metrics like your target audience to ensure your ad resonates with their ideals. Analyze their preferences, demos, and psychographics to understand your audience fully.

A well-analyzed buyer persona will keep you from spinning too fast toward performance media for short-term gain. Such antics will dent your image and positioning. With a buyer persona on paper, set clear, measurable goals to help you determine success on fronts like engagement, lead generation conversion, and brand awareness.

For instance, Crocs’ TikTok campaign, dubbed the #ThousandDollarCrocs, has garnered over 3.1 billion views. Croc attributes its success to working with influencers who genuinely love its brand and fit its buyer persona.

Create irresistible video ads

Have you watched Ultimate Ears’ Facebook video ad? Well, it is hands down one of the most outstanding social media video ads of 2023. The 15-second customizable speakers’ ad has many attention-grabbing visuals, sounds, and copy. It immediately grabs viewers’ attention via its earworm music and vivid visuals that concisely communicate its Boom3 speaker’s value propositions.

Achieve Ultimate Ears’ social media video ads success by blending your product or brand story with top-notch visuals and sound. Then, create a lasting impression on shoppers by invoking emotions like joy, excitement, nostalgia, or empathy. One of the best techniques for creating memorable video ads is starting with a compelling hook. Grab your viewer’s eyeballs, then use visual storytelling to initiate conflict, build tension, and present a resolution using high-quality visuals, voiceovers, and music. Last, give your video ad an effective call-to-action (CTA) to guide your buyers to the next step of their journey.

Align your video ad to the right platform

Now that you have your buyer persona in mind post your stunning ad on the platforms most popular with your potential buyers. For instance, if your target is Gen Z, post it on Instagram and TikTok. If millennials, Facebook and Instagram will bring in more engagement. Every social media platform has specific styles and tones that you should incorporate into your ad for higher engagement.

X, for instance, is great with polls. Instagram and TikTok users show higher engagement rates with short, entertaining challenges and stories. Post long form educational content on your YouTube channel. The best ad formats for websites are non-intrusive ads that are contextually relevant to your brand image.

Use the tips above to create responsible and ethical video ads that resonate with your message. A professional digital marketing agency will supercharge your video ad’s targeting and creativity and keep you ahead of the marketing world.

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