Capturing and Utilizing 1st Party Data to Grow Your Business!

Grow business with 1st party data

Capturing and Utilizing 1st Party Data to Grow Your Business!

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Grow business with 1st party data

If the pandemic showed us anything, it was that predicting how consumers spend their time online, where they spend it, and what they do with it is anything but predictable. Traditionally, 3rd party cookies were used to track your visit to a particular website and remember what was in your cart or your login information.

Now that cookies are starting to be phased out across the internet, businesses are having to rely on other methods to capture important information. One of those methods is 1st party data. So, how do you capture and utilize 1st party data to target, attract, convert, and retain customers? It’s a great question that we’re here to answer for you.

What are the Key Components of a 1st Party Data Strategy?

Organized and forward-thinking organizations are rapidly changing to 1st party data strategies before cookies are gone forever. The last thing you want to be is the last person at the party!
Below are some key components of an effective 1st party data strategy:

1. User Registration Information and Data

When visitors signup or register for a product, special, or website, they’re supplying you with 1st party data. This could include their address, age, sex, location, spending level, employment history, and even hobbies. However, getting people to supply all this information isn’t easy. For example, think about the last time you visited a website. Did they offer a discount code for signing up? That’s just one way to capture 1st party data.

2. Progressive Profiling

Getting all that information from the initial registration isn’t always easy. After all, if registration takes you an hour, you’re going to lose interest pretty fast. User profiles are a great way to get additional data. As people fill out their profiles, they’re supplying you with additional information, which would be hard to capture from the initial registration process.

3. Lead Generation Forms

While traditionally used by B2B accounts, lead generation forms allow you much freedom to capture 1st party data and information. Lead generation forms on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google will enable you to capture as much or as little information as you like while limiting the impact on potential leads. Of course, if you ask for too much information, you’ll risk losing people during the process.

4. Custom Questions

Custom questions allow you to effectively segment potential leads to make it easier for your sales to follow up on priority leads while dismissing leads which may not be relevant. It’s an effective way to capture 1st party data while also helping you to qualify your leads more effectively.

5. Branch Out to Different Platforms

While Google arguably has a massive slice of the pie when it comes to how people get online, there are other platforms and channels available. Now is a great time to explore these options. If you’ve been using Google or Facebook exclusively, take the time to explore other options to reach your targeted audiences, such as TikTok, Reddit, or even SnapChat.

6. Email Campaigns

Once you have captured potential customer data like email address, phone number and product preferences you can create targeted email campaigns that promote different product lines to most like-to-buy customers, alert customers of sales or new offerings, or even send birthday greeting or special promotions to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Capture and Utilize 1st Party Data to Grow Your Business Today!

With most digital marketing, being the first to utilize and understand new trends often gives you a massive advantage over your competition. The sooner you start preparing for the end of 3rd party cookies and start effectively utilizing 1st party data, the more growth your business will experience.

At NTD Digital, we value true data and have the expertise to guide you through the complicated process of capturing and effectively utilizing 1st party data to grow your business. If you want to learn more about using 1st party data, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team is standing by to help your business grow.

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