4 Holiday Shopping Trends to Give Your Business a Boost

holiday shopping trends to boost your sales cover

4 Holiday Shopping Trends to Give Your Business a Boost

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holiday shopping trends to boost your sales cover

During and after the pandemic, many brands faced a drop in their sales due to increased product prices and changing shopper behaviors. So, to make increase sales and engage the most customers, it’s important to understand the changing holiday shopping trends and behaviors. Let’s delve into it!

Customers Look For Discount Offers And Sale Days

Consumers prefer to buy more on sales days, especially when it comes to buying gifts for the home or themselves. This means if you want to attract the most shoppers, you should introduce early sale deals and offers on days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, days leading up to Christmas, etc. 82 percent of surveyed US holiday shoppers revealed Cyber Monday and Black Friday are important for their holiday shopping.

You can surprise customers with high-quality and budget-friendly products and give them a reason to purchase from you. E-commerce stores can offer free delivery to earn customers’ loyalty and trust.

Low Prices Over Brand Loyalty

Another of the changing holiday shopping trends is that customers nowadays prefer low prices over brand loyalty. For instance, if consumers’ favorite brand doesn’t offer competitive prices, customers will go for comparable brands. Study shows that lower prices from various substituted brands impact the decision of around 65% of shoppers. This means the consumer is willing to do anything to get everyday living things at a minimal price, including shopping from low-price stores or brands.

In-Store Brands Have the Advantage

E-commerce sales were the highest during the pandemic because physical stores shut down, and many startups fell bankrupt. Resultantly, the trend of online shopping became a new normal. According to US Census Bureau, ecommerce sales increased by 43% in 2020. However, now that COVID is over and physical stores have re-opened, people tend to buy from them again.

This was good news for brands operating both online and offline, but brands limited to online sales might feel the negative effects. So, for struggling ecommerce brands, the best way of acquiring holiday shoppers is to announce frequent discount offers and free delivery when possible. Consumer behavior changes with perks that accompany each purchase. The digital marketing strategy of e-commerce brands would play a vital role.

Time is Everything

In this fast-paced world, changing customer behaviors reveal that they want to spend less time searching for the required products. Sometimes they lack the time or get bored with the research process. So, they prefer businesses offering seamless services with little to no interruption in purchasing.

Other parameters that attract shoppers include fast service, an easy return policy, and in-store pickup. You can attract these shoppers by highlighting all these features. In addition, show them how shopping with your brand can ease the hassle for them. Once they are emotionally connected to your brand, your client retention rate will skyrocket.


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