Top 3 Email Marketing Trends For 2023

Top 3 Email Marketing Trends For 2023

Top 3 Email Marketing Trends For 2023

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Top 3 Email Marketing Trends For 2023

Do you know that email marketing provides a higher return than most other forms of marketing? Email marketing platforms provide an average return of $42 for each dollar spend.

Amongst B2B audiences, only industry thought leaders and peer recommendations strategies rival email campaign returns.

That said, strategies like soulless and cold subject lines and lousy email design are so last decade. Below is what’s in this year.

Top 3 email marketing trends for 2023


Automation and AI use

If you have not felt the heat from the ChatGPT debate on social media, you must live under a rock. Chatbots have gone viral and are social media users’ favorite learning tools.

Criticism against AI tools is as intense as can be, but it is safe to say that this technology will change email marketing in 2023. OpenAI’s ChatGPT, for instance, can pen down text that rivals that of your favorite blogger.

Besides content creation, AI automation is an excellent email marketing strategy. It will save resources and time by automating your drip campaign when your subscribers perform actions like signing up for a newsletter. Moreso, you can use it to trigger an email blast.

As groundbreaking as AI technology is in the 2023 email marketing space, it will fail if it lacks the human touch and a good plan. This point brings us to the next hottest email marketing trend of 2023.


A common question that new online business owners ask is, “why email marketing is important?” After all, there are robust alternative digital marketing channels like social media.

One reason why email marketing is crucial to any marketing strategy is that it offers unique hyper-personalization features.

Hyper-personalization is a process that leverages real-time data and AI technology to build highly curated messages and products for the digital shopper. It is a strategy that sends subscribers emails addressing their distinct preferences and tastes.

This process provides a unique customer experience. Customized content appeals to your audiences at a personal level. It is a strategy that will foster customer loyalty and engagement.

At least 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from marketers who ‘see’ them via hyper-personalization.

To this end, while chatbots like ChatGPT can enhance the creative development of email marketing content, you still need to personalize it to your audience. Segment your email lists and create dynamic content.

First, do the groundwork and use segmentation criteria like search history, age, interests, location, or purchase history to section your email subscribers.

Next, create dynamic hyper-personalized content that addresses their pain points to increase engagement.

User-generated content

To reiterate our earlier point, only word of mouth rivals the ROI of an email marketing campaign in B2B marketing. So, what if we told you that you, too, can reap the benefits of colleague or peer recommendations in your email campaigns?

You can increase your conversions by 29% by infusing user-generated content (UGC) into your emails. You can, for instance, squeeze more out of your email automation by first running email-based brand hashtag campaigns. Then, show off your satisfied customers in your mail. It is genius.

You will encourage UGC creation and turn happy customers into ads. But, unlike classic ads, UGC is a breath of fresh air. It will inject trust into your campaign by merging social media UGC with email marketing. Other sources of UGC include customer reviews, posts, videos, and testimonials.

Word of mouth is a cost-effective, scalable and trustworthy strategy. That said, observe data privacy rights in your UGC strategy.

Interactive emails

Another excellent online marketing trend for 2023 is integrating interactive content into your emails. You can, for instance, tease upcoming events or introduce new services via elements like videos, image carousels, games, and sliders.

Steer clear of the classic static email by adding animated buttons, surveys, quizzes, GIFs, or illustrations that capture your subscriber’s attention. Data shows that interactive elements can increase your click rates by 300%.

Wrapping up

These four email marketing trends will supercharge your drip campaigns when you use them alongside best industry practices. Roll them out and make 2023 your best year yet.    

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