How Businesses Can Use Real-Time Messaging to Engage Customers

using chat to engage customers blog cover

How Businesses Can Use Real-Time Messaging to Engage Customers

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using chat to engage customers blog cover

Asked what the secret to Amazon’s success is, Jeff Bezos said that Amazon is a host that invites its customers as guests to a party. ” It’s our job daily to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

Amazon owes part of its success as host to the e-commerce party, to the AWS real-time messaging platform. For instance, the Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) supports asynchronous communication between the e-commerce platform and subscribers.

This real-time messaging service supports mobile text or SMS format, mobile push, and email messaging.

What is real-time messaging?

Real-time instant messaging is two-way text messaging between a customer and a business. You can also refer to real-time messaging services as conversational SMS. A real-time messaging app can improve customer experience, grow your business and enhance conversions.

Conversational text can also solve customer service backlogs, especially when there is a seasonal increase in customer service tickets. Over 83% of online buyers are loyal to businesses that resolve or respond to their complaints.

Then, 86% of first-time buyers that receive top-notch customer service will become brand champions. On top of that, 93% will turn to repeat customers. It isn’t easy, however, to have human customer service support online every time. This is why real-time messaging systems are crucial to the success of your business.

Popular real-time messaging applications in business

Some of the most popular of these platforms include;

  • Enterprise messaging platforms like HubSpot MessagingMicrosoft Teams, and Slack.
  • Free instant messaging tools like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp.
  • Website live chat apps like the Zendesk Support Suite, Zoho Desk, or LiveChat.

Common use cases for real-time messaging platforms.

They can solve minor customer service queries.

Have you heard of the ‘where is my order’ (WISMO) phenomenon? Another rising business term is ‘where is my return’ (WISMR). Over 80% of shoppers ask WISMO or WISMR-related queries from e-commerce stores.

Unfortunately, over 46% of customer queries go unanswered. If your customer service agents are bogged down by returns tracking or access delivery questions, it is time to offer your customers digitized advice and answers via live chatbots.

After all, 68% of shoppers say that they love the speedy response of chatbots. So, deploy live chatbots in your online shop to troubleshoot minor problems and answer new customers’ queries. Your real-time messaging platform can also clarify and notify your shoppers of shipping, tracking, or pricing details in real-time.

E-commerce sales support

Do you know 69.82% of online buyers abandon their carts? Businesses lose over $18 billion to these lost chances. An instant messaging service can encourage your shoppers to complete their purchases. Additionally, use these apps to entice more sales using discounts. On top of that, you can market new services to your shoppers using real-time messaging.

Seasonal sales updates

Holiday season email backlogs are a precursor to missed revenue and customer neglect. Think of these seasonal email backlogs as the stale fruitcake of customer service. Fortunately, you can deploy real-time messaging tools to tackle the seasonal email backlog menace.

You can also use them to show appreciation to your customers on their birthdays or anniversaries. They also are the perfect customer service support during new services or product launches.


Most conversational text apps are affordable and easy to use and set up. The best of them has advanced support features that incorporate knowledge bases for quick prole solving. They also can integrate with popular e-commerce platforms and CRM. So, you have no excuses! Kick off your real-time messaging and enjoy more revenue and customer satisfaction.    

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