The Future of Voice Marketing: Latest Trends to Consider in 2023!

The Future of Voice Marketing: Latest Trends to Consider in 2023!

The Future of Voice Marketing: Latest Trends to Consider in 2023!

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The Future of Voice Marketing: Latest Trends to Consider in 2023!


Voice marketing is being integrated more and more into digital marketing and content strategies in 2023. Voice search is becoming quite a marketing trend given how more than one in four people use it on their mobile devices. The advent of digital voice assistants and their ability to interact with users effectively has left marketers with only one choice — adapt. Voice marketing, fueled by Artificial Intelligence and voice search, is all set to reach 8.4 billion people by 2024! How prepared are your voice marketing strategies? What are the voice marketing trends you should track and implement? Let’s find out.

Recognizing the opportunity in voice marketing


Here’s a statistic that will help you realize how crucial it is to mold your content marketing strategies towards voice —

The transaction value of purchases made through voice search-driven devices is expected to reach an astounding $164 billion by 2025.

But, why has the world of digital marketing gradually moved towards voice? First, we need to understand what voice marketing has to offer. Voice marketing is primarily focused on extending effective task automation, increased information accessibility, and generate quick results.

Increased Engagement

It allows brands to reach consumers in a new and innovative way. Voice marketing allows for a more natural business-consumer interaction which tends to boost engagement and conversions. AI-driven voice assistants are able to provide timely solutions — delivering higher customer satisfaction.

Voice marketing content effectively engages, converts, and retains customers, especially the ones that find it cumbersome to consume or read long-form written content. With audio articles, consumers can grasp the essence of the content and find a way to learn about your brand more clearly. This is an excellent solution to facilitate natural brand-consumer interaction.

Improved Customer Experience

More importantly, voice marketing has generated a new facet of opportunity for brands that couldn’t find innovative ways to spice up their content marketing strategies. Brands that incorporate voice technology in their content marketing campaigns will find it easier to stand out from the competition. Why?

Content creation is a time- and effort-intensive task. With audio technology, one can make the process of content creation more manageable, especially if they use text-to-speech and AI tools. Not just that, voice marketing ensures that brands prioritize customers. Technology like voice assistants and text-to-speech are quite handy and allow consumers to multitask.

Couple all these benefits of voice marketing with automation and you will end up creating a digital marketing strategy that is not only futuristic and visionary, but also one that is customer-friendly, engaging, and result-oriented.

Voice marketing trends to follow in 2023!


  • First, it is important to understand that voice tech users don’t use voice technology occasionally. They are habitual users as they find it easier to commission voice search for all kinds of tasks.One sure-shot way to use voice marketing effectively is by integrating it with customer support — delivering easy, hassle-free, and timely solutions without users having to touch their mobile devices!

  • Second, Google is always on a lookout for voice-driven searches. As it picks up voice search, it finds the answer to the keyword in the highlighted or featured snippet. A huge part of this process is AI-driven. We suggest brands to focus on voice searches and use them to optimize existing and new content.

  • Third, brands will create more and more business podcasts given the popularity of content marketing platforms. However, the focus here will be on supporting business messages and information instead of entertaining the consumer. Business podcasts are essentially solution-driven voice content that will help consumers resolve problems.

  • Fourth, voice is changing email marketing as we speak. Email marketing is all set to become more interactive and personalized with the advent of virtual assistants and voice-tech enabled devices. As consumers can use the voice assistants to question or read the email content, brands will begin focusing on creating more contextual and personalized content.

Final thoughts!

As voice marketing deepens its roots across digital platforms, here are the three things that you should care about the most — generating conversational, structured, and creative content. This allows voice-enabled devices to understand your content better and deliver a more pleasing voice search experience. As the digital world pushes towards a more contextual form of advertising, you just cannot go wrong with voice-first content marketing strategies. Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!  

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