Home Improvement: Attracting More Customers with Video

home improvement attraction more customers

Home Improvement: Attracting More Customers with Video

by Chun Lee in Marketing Strategies

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home improvement attraction more customers

Despite the high costs of sparkling new kitchens and bathrooms, the number of homeowners making home upgrades is soaring. American homeowners’ spending on renovations will rise from $567 billion to $580 billion in 2023.

So, why are so many home improvement businesses in the doldrums revenue-wise? Shortages in labor and inflation notwithstanding, I would blame their low turnover rates on out-of-date lead-generation practices. Floundering businesses are, for instance, oblivious to the lead-generation power of video marketing for home improvement businesses.

Benefits of using video to get more leads

Video marketing for home improvement content display real-world challenge problem solving that all homeowners will face at one time or the other. These videos’ real-life setting provides wholesome popular content with a touch of upward mobility glamor. These convert more customers than other content formats because:

  • They build trust and give your business a voice and face. Digital advertising intelligence shows that Eight out of ten people purchase after watching a product video.
  • They capture the gutting and restoration process better than images or words can. So, 97% of marketers use explainer videos when introducing products to customers.
  • Videos are highly engaging and deeply satisfying because they trigger an emotional response in viewers. As a result, video content has a 54% retention rate.
  • Video watching is growing in popularity, and the average internet user watches 17 hours of video content weekly.
  • Videos are twice as shareable as regular content. They can increase your website visitor’s stay time, conversion rates, and SEO ranking.

How can home improvement businesses win more customers through video?

Below are some video advertising ideas you can roll out for your home improvement business.

The before and after video

A majority of home remodeling stores are feeling the squeeze as labor and material costs skyrocket. Fortunately, your blood, sweat, and tears are an HGTV staple; the home makeover before and after video.
These videos are deeply satisfying, giving viewers a satisfying conclusion that will supercharge your lead generation strategy. Display them on your website, social media pages, or send them to your referral sources for more customers.

Customer testimonials

Testimonial videos are customer reviews, and 98% of customers go through a brand’s reviews before making a purchase. So, create customer testimonial videos by, for instance, asking your customers how they feel about their new deck. Integrate before and after shots of their re-modeled deck and showcase your expertise for better leads.

Explainer videos

No other digital advertising content displays the benefits of a service or product better than an explainer video. Use the explainer video to reveal your home improvement team, ethics, expertise, and premier remodeling cases to your potential customers.

Behind-the-scenes video

A behind-the-scenes video can introduce your craftsmanship to your audience. Artisans, for instance, use time-lapse videos to draw viewers into their work process, ensuring that potential customers are emotionally invested in their business.

Event videos

Have you taken part in community work or partnered with a sustainable remodeling business? Create an event video and let potential customers know about your values and mission.

Short form videos

73% of video content viewers prefer short-form (15 to 30 seconds) video to long-drawn content. So, make bite-sized videos that display microlearning, spontaneous user-generated content (UGC), or challenges that boost brand awareness

Virtual tours

Do you have a large project that you would like to display to your audience? Hire professional digital video advertising companies and generate a virtual tour of your project using cinematic themes and drone shots.

The final word

The popularity of HGTV content is proof that house redesign and flipping videos have potent conversion and engagement rates. Consequently, 91% of digital advertising marketers use video in their marketing strategy. Amplify your home improvement business marketing strategy by integrating video ads for more customers.  

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